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Modular Assembly System

Under the competitive market of quality arid delivery ,the requirement of products varieties is increasing.All the manufacturer are focusing their eyes on cost efficiency and establishing the production lines of flexibility in all nstallations.
Now we bring you the modular assembly system the simple and vast construction element to be applied on the automation and manual operation in your plan.The elements are included as below:


By the concept of multi-function, the MAS simplify the complicated technical problems.The independent quipment or machinery or robot be created in low. There are services submitted as below:

icon Delivery for all yours element parts
icon Processing before element parts assembly
icon Design by computer
icon Solution to production on line immediately
icon All the tools for the assembly and clampers

If you ever try construct a straight movement of the working station or just like lader ,gages,tables or partitions...or any other structures,the MAS will be a good choice.

The developing of MAS is to submit a set of modular which is designed through and through to gain the max. Rigidity by less material as possible. The design of T-slot ease the trouble of connections you only need to cut down the extruding profile and the screw in your assembly. All the parts of MAS can be easily assembled in any where and time.

MAS can help you possess the maximum flexibility when construct your system and produce the maximum efficiency in your economic concern. We submit the set of software by the help of AUTOCAD to speed up your full understanding to the vast application of MAS. By the reasonable design and low cost characteristics you neednot to specialize your idea or process a high cost.

We provide MAS CAD design software which is compatible with AUTOCAD in offering a quick and complete design service. Please contact us for many more MAS demonstrations.



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